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Mission & Philosophy

“Service to man is Service to God”

For more than half a century now, the Shree Swami Samarth Seva Marg has been relentlessly executing the Socio Spiritual Program to help humanity that has helped millions vis a vis self-abuse, alcoholism, women empowerment, food drives, value education, self-employment, health, agriculture, etc.


Seva Marg is also into extensive research of Ayurveda and invented several medicines. To share an example from research- Seva Marg has invented “Saptarangi” to cure cancer, blood pressure, HIV, Heart problems. This medicine is also getting distributed at free of cost. Besides, Seva Marg is building a multi-specialty charitable hospital as envisioned by Sadguru Moredada, the founder of Seva Marg, who selflessly toiled all along for the betterment of the derived & the downtrodden, marks a new beginning in health and happiness for one and all.

As an extension of its social revolution drive, Seva Marg is starting new Seva kendras (Socio Spiritual Centers) across USA. This being an ambitious project and as a Non-profit organization, Seva Marg appeals to contribute to this noble cause and seek blessings of Almighty. Your small step can make a lot of difference.

Come forward to establish first Seva Kendra ever in USA.

Come forward to help humanity.

PS: If you are making donations for USA First Swami Samartha Kendra. Please mention "Bay Area" in comments while donating.

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